3D Printed Objects for Alzheimer Therapy

"Creating Physical Objects with 3D Printers to Stimulate Reminiscing for Memory Loss"

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Interactive Anti-Smoking Health Educational Game

"Interactive Game to Support Children's Learning About Tobacco and the Human Body"

This phase I SBIR project will develop an innovative STEM game that combines education about parts of the human body while also teaching lessons about the bad effects on the body of smoking tobacco. The target audience is 5th or 6th grade students. This lines up with health curriculu...

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Smartphone Thermal Navigation

TorchLight© “An Assistive Tool to Locate People and Objects with a Multimodal Thermogram Interface”

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Alzheimer’s Reminiscence Memory Game

"MemoryMatters©: A Mobile Aid to Stimulate Reminiscing In Persons With Memory Loss"

www.memorymattersgame.com Symptoms of memory loss, such as those indicative of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), can serve as precursors to more insidious, progressive forms of dementi...

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