The Vision

The vision of Moai Technologies is to grow organically and become a leader in innovative software and hardware solutions to improve consumers quality of life.

The Mission

Moai Technologies L.L.C. is a company dedicated to bringing the most advanced and innovative medical and assistive technologies to market. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts with Universities, organizations, and individual contributors, Moai Technologies will be able to utilize the talents of the group as a whole to launch commercially successful products aimed at the betterment of consumers quality of life.

What Does Moai Mean?

Moai (pronounced mo’ai) is the native word for the gigantic stone head sculptures that were created by an island culture on what is now known as Easter Island. There has been a lot of theories about how they were created but scientists today still do not know how such a small island nation with such limited resources and man power was able to sculpt and move such massive and finely crafted stone sculptures.